Duo Firenze fortepiano and guitar duo

Sunday, May 15, 2016 – 3 PM
Trinity Center for Urban Life, 22nd & Spruce Sts
General: $25; Student/Senior: $15; Member: $10

Duo Firenze is a major force in the discovery and authentic performance of early 19th-century music for guitar and fortepiano duet. Touring with their own period Viennese fortepiano and 19th- century guitars, they give audiences a rare visual and sonic experience. The duo was formed in 1990 after a discovery of works for the medium of guitar and fortepiano. Duo Firenze takes it name from the Italian city of Florence, the birthplace of the fortepiano and where the six-stringed guitar flourished. A prizewinner in the Concorso Internazional “Arturo Toscanini” for chamber music in Italy, Duo Firenze has not only dedicated themselves to giving revival performances to this once forgotten art, but has succeeded in delighting audiences in the United States and Europe.
In past summers, Duo Firenze has been in residence as performers and teachers in period instrument performance at the Accademia L’Ottocento in Rome and Verbania. Duo Firenze is the receipient of grants from Radford University, Johns Hopkins, Peabody Conservatory and from the Virginia Commission for the Arts (VCA) having been on the VCA’s touring roster for five seasons. Their compact disc “Italian Nocturnes: Early Romantic Music for fortepiano and guitar” (DIS80156), featuring world premieres has received accolades from the US to the Far East and is available internationally on the Dorian label (Dorian 80156 Information about the duo can be found at: and at




Grande Sonata for fortepiano and guitar, Op. 102 by Anton Diabelli
Two Sonatas by Ferdinando Carulli
Variazioni sopra ‘Nel cor piu non mi sento’e Polonaise by Mauro Giuliani
La Source du Lyson Op. 47 by Napoleon Coste
Second Nocturne, Op. 44 by Francesco Molino
Deux Duos, Op. 233, No. 1 by Ferdinando Carulli

18th Annual Millennium Music Conference

The weekend of February 21-23, 2014 will be filled the sound of strings in action from many guitars and cellos. The 18th Annual Millennium Music Conference will take place at the Best Western Hotel and Conference Center in Harrisburg, PA.

The conference features two afternoons of music business panels, clinics, workshops, networking, day stage, one-on-one mentoring and demo listening sessions. The conference events are  topped off with an industry trade show. In the evenings the event celebrates new music with three nights of showcase performances featuring over 300 original acts at 30 live music venues throughout Harrisburg.

Harrisburg at night

Getting people out between Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day is a tough challenge for any destination and business district.  The Millennium Music Conference will bring three hundred acts and artists to showcase…..hundreds more that participate from over sixteen states including locations throughout Pennsylvania. The hotels in Harrisburg will be filled and the restaurants for the weekend will present the showcases from the artists attending the conference. At the least, thirty restaurants will also become participants in this annual event.

The mention of cellos

The speakers at the conference have come to Harrisburg seeking talent. The event organizers have filled the showcases with just about every genre of music including classical music and it’s instrumental offshoots. Three artists under that category performing at this year’s event are:

Cello Fury
Friday February 21, 2014. 7pm Midtown Scholar 1302 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA 17102.
Cello Fury will also perform on Thursday February 20th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia.

A cello rock powerhouse featuring three cellists and a drummer, Cello Fury’s original music combines the emotive and symphonic sounds of the cello with driving rock beats to create a cinematic, progressive rock sound.


Eric Loy
Friday February 21, 2014.10pm Suba Tapas Bar 272 North St. Harrisburg, PA 17102

“One word that doesn’t often come to mind is fearless. If there was one word to describe Dayton Ohio’s cult guitar icon Eric Loy, fearless would be that word.”

David Cohen (article author & webmaster)
Friday February 21, 2014 9pm Suba Tapas Bar 272 North St. Harrisburg, PA 17102

Most of the showcases are free and all opened to the public. The ability to create a close collaboration between all stakeholders in an event is extremely difficult. The Millennium Music Conference has successfully accomplished that challenge in the past and will so do again this year bringing tourism revenue to Harrisburg PA along with educational and career opportunities to a wide group of artists. Anthropologist Margaret Mead wrote, “ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” The 18th Annual Millennium Music Conference: 2 days of workshops, mentoring and trade show.  Three nights of live music! Showcase schedules and conference information is available at