Temple University School of Dance

Christopher Farrell-Rit Mo Collective

Working as the Artist in Residence for Temple University’s School of Dance has given Rit Mo Collective founder Christopher Farrell another outlook and approach for his compositions.  Farrell an adjunct professor at Temple University founded Rit Mo Collective in 2005 and released their first CD Arianna’s Thread in 2008.  Farrell is currently working on a new CD.

Farrell explained that in addition to his newly developed understanding of rhythm for dance adaptation, a large influence on his music has also been guitarist Robert Fripp’s, new standard tuning. Rit Mo Collective’s shows are a mixture of material from Farrell’s first CD, which the composer describes as Avante Garde Americana and of course his new material. Farrell further states that the first CD is reflective of his influences from chamber music. His newer material is more cinematic and funky with a lot of time signature changes in the compositions.

While his arsenal of strings includes: banjo, bass, Chinese Ruan, Zhong and the mandolin, Farrell’s compositions are written on the guitar. The mandolin is particularly close to his heart owing to the fact that the strings are tuned in fifths, which is close to the new standard tuning that he loves to work within.

Rit Mo Collective will perform at Silk City on Wednesday August 18, 2010. The doors open at 8:00PM. Silk City is located on the corner of 5th and Spring Garden in Philadelphia.  Joining  Rit Mo for the evening will be Hang Drummer Dante Bucci.