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Manuel Barrueco Philadelphia April 7, 2018


Sat, April 7, 2018
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT
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Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral
23 South 38th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Legendary guitarist Manuel Barrueco is internationally recognized as one of the most important guitarists of our time. His unique artistry has been continually described as that of a superb instrumentalist and a superior and elegant musician, possessing a seductive sound and uncommon lyrical gifts.

His career has been dedicated to bringing the guitar to the main musical centers of the world such as the Musikverein in Vienna, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Royal Albert Hall in London, Philharmonie in Berlin, Teatro Real in Madrid, and Palau de la Musica in Barcelona. He has completed a dozen tours of Japan and made repeated appearances in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong, and in Latin America he has performed in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Puerto Rico.

Barrueco’s commitment to contemporary music and to the expansion of the guitar repertoire has led him to collaborations with many distinguished composers such as Steven Stucky, Michael Daugherty, Roberto Sierra, Arvo Pärt, Jonathan Leshnoff, Gabriela Lena Frank, Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky, and Toru Takemitsu.

Manuel Barrueco has appeared on a wide array of television programs including “CBS Sunday Morning”, A&E’s “Breakfast with the Arts”, and “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” on PBS. He was featured in a Lexus car commercial, and his work in music inspired Michael Lawrence’s biographical documentary: “Manuel Barrueco: A Gift and a Life”.

Barrueco’s recording catalogue includes over a dozen recordings for the EMI label. His recording of Joaquín Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez with conductor and tenor Plácido Domingo and the Philharmonia Orchestra was cited as the best recording of that piece in Classic CD Magazine.

In 2007 Manuel Barrueco received a Grammy nomination for the “Best Instrumental Soloist Performance” for his Solo Piazzolla, which was the first recording to be released on his exclusive Manuel Barrueco Collection on Tonar Music. Tango Sensations and Sounds of the Americas followed in collaboration with the Cuarteto Latinoamericano, the latter received a Latin Grammy Award for “Inca Dances” by Gabriela Lena Frank for “Best Classical Contemporary Composition.” In 2010 he released, Tárrega!, which received a Latin Grammy nomination for “Best Classical Album,” Medea, which includes Barrueco’s arrangement of the ballet by flamenco guitarist/composer Manolo Sanlúcar recorded with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and Víctor Pablo Pérez conducting and received a Latin Grammy nomination for “Best Classical Album” as well. His latest release is China West, a recording of guitar trios in collaboration with his protégés, the Beijing Guitar Duo.

Manuel Barrueco began playing the guitar at the age of eight in his native Cuba and he immigrated with his family to the United States in 1967 as political refugees. Later, he completed his advanced studies at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, where he now shares his love for music with a small number of exceptionally gifted young guitarists from all over the word.

Visit: www.phillyguitar.org

EMMA RUSH, solo guitar March 13, 2016

Presented by the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society 
Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 3pm 
Settlement Music School, 416 Queen St (free parking)

Tickets available at the door 

General: $25; Student/Senior: $15; Member: $10


Over the past decade, Emma Rush has established herself as one of Canada’s preeminent classical guitarists. Known for her innovative programming and powerful stage presence, an event with Rush is one to remember. Her career has commanded world recognition with recent highlights including a tour of China starting with the Altamira Shanghai International Guitar Festival, appearances at the Festival de Guitarras Lagos de Moreno (Mexico), the Lonestar Guitar Festival(Texas), and a prestigious concert at the famed Internationales Gitarren Symposion, Iserlohn (Germany). She performs throughout North America with upcoming appearances in Philadelphia (PA), Louisville (KY), Buffalo (NY), and many Canadian dates as a soloist and chamber musician. As a soloist with orchestra, Rush will be performing Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez with the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra and Symphony on the Bay in Burlington. 
Emma Rush was chosen for a coveted Debut Atlantic tour in 2016 -17 with concerts throughout the Maritime provinces. She has been selected as a 2016 Artist-in-Residence at the Fountain School of Performing Arts at Dalhousie University. 
Folklórica, Rush’s much-anticipated debut CD, was released in the fall of 2014. She is on faculty at Mohawk College and Redeemer University College. She completed her graduate studies at the Hochschule für Music in Detmold, Germany and holds a BMus from Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia.
Candombe en mi                                             Máximo Diego Pujol
Junto al generalife                                           Joaquín Rodrigo En los trigales
Variations on an Anatolian Folksong           Carlo Domeniconi 
Jongo                                                                Paulo Bellinati 
10 Etudes Simples                                           Leo Brouwer 
Canción de Cuna 
Garuda:Ballade for Guitar                               Oliver Hunt 
Suite del Recuerdo                                          José Luis Merlin

World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day Concert: David Cohen Guitar


Thursday May 8th 2014
7:30 PM 45 minute set
$5.00 donation -Reserve an online seat 


In conjunction with World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day Classical & Flamenco Guitarist David Cohen of Philadelphia will play a 45-minute set raising funds for The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance and the Friends of Fox Chase Cancer Center.

In 2011 David lost his wife Tanya to ovarian cancer after a two-year battle. Since the loss of his wife David has dedicated himself to ovarian cancer awareness and advocacy for patient care. David works with both Fox Chase Cancer Center and The Hospital Association of Pennsylvania in developing their Patient and Family Centered Care practices.

The concert will be available through the online in real-time concert venue Stageit.com. Admission is by donation in kind. All of the money raised will be donated to both organizations except for the small broadcasting fee.  The Philadelphia OrchestraBalletX and Whole Foods have generously donated items that will be available during the concert that will help raise funds.

In support of this event David will have technical assistance running the program from Local Arts Live in Philadelphia. The program will be broadcast from his dining room. The Friends of Fox Chase Cancer Center is a group of staff members that volunteer their time to assist with he needs of patients by purchasing items that patients may need to help keep their quality of life while hospitalized. They also assist in the education of the needs of cancer patients.

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is the foremost advocacy organization for women with ovarian cancer. They represent tens of thousands of women with ovarian cancer in the United States.

David Cohen is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, educator, and composer of music for the classical & flamenco guitar, Chinese pipa musician and bagpipe played in Philadelphia. David’s teaching studios are located in both Philadelphia and Ocean Grove, NJ. David performs in concert, clubs and private performances along the East Coast.


Review: DAVID COHEN GUITAR by Maria Thompson Corley

This Review is a reprinted with permission from Maria Thompson Corley and LocalArtsLive.com 

Available at: iTunes & CD Baby
Artist website: www.guitarpoint.net

by Maria Thompson Corley
Even though I don’t particularly want to fall into the trap laid by the marketers of jewelry, cards and chocolates, as February 14 approaches I nevertheless find myself thinking about love.  Because I have to admit that when two people find in each other true companionship, it’s beautiful, and deserves celebration.
The Song of Songs says, love is strong as death.  But when death takes one we love, what do we do?  If you’re a maharajah, perhaps you build a majestic edifice.  And if you’re a musician, perhaps you compose something as a way to process your grief, as Johannes Brahms did with his Four Serious Songs, inspired by the passing of his dear friend, Clara Schumann. David Cohen a classical guitarist from Philadelphia and his beloved wife Tanya were together for 17 years, 16 of those as husband and wife.  On Valentine’s Day of 2011, she went to the hospital for a chemotherapy appointment and stayed there. The cancer that would claim her life eleven days later had spread from her ovaries to her liver. So that February 14 was their last together. The CD David Cohen: Guitar is his Latin-tinged Taj Mahal.
First, a few confessions:  1.  David Cohen is my friend,  2.  I have a secret fantasy about taking Latin dance lessons, and 3.  My only brother died of cancer.  The pieces on this CD were a way for David to process his very personal grief, but as I listened to them, I found that they spoke to me, too.
Not surprisingly, each track has a deeply personal connection to Tanya’s life and passing.
The first track, a rumba, is called “Breath;” the full title is “One More Breath, Just to Say How Much We Love You.”  It is full of rhythmic drive and interest; I wouldn’t have guessed at its subject matter.
“Letters to Joann” refers to a woman David met playing the bagpipes two weeks after Tanya’s death.  He hadn’t practiced and his thoughts were, understandably, elsewhere until Joann thanked him for playing, confiding that she had just finished her first round of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.  When she was diagnosed, she’d thought she would never hear the bagpipes again.  The piece, which is inspired by the playing of Joni Mitchell, was meant to contrast David’s tension when he doesn’t hear from her with his joy when he does.  I hear more tension than joy in this piece, which again contains the constant syncopation that is characteristic of many of the pieces on this recording, although the end does seem more upbeat.
The joyful “Every Minute in Paris” grew out of a conversation during Tanya’s hospitalization when she asked David if he could remember a recent time when they’d had fun together, and he told her he remembered every minute in Paris. A week after her death, this piece came to him “in an explosion in my head from start to end.”
“Turn Towards Me,” which is also very upbeat, refers to Tanya’s being a dental hygienist.  She loved working with her patients, who loved her back. Joan Armatrading was an influence on this piece, the only one that wasn’t written to “control through sound” David’s grief.
“The Last Genuine Smile,” which, unlike the other pieces, was written specifically to be technically challenging (which was influenced by both Bach and Michael Dunford), refers to a time when Tanya was in remission. She and David had canceled a cruise when she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, but were finally able to go about a year before she died.  When they returned, so had the cancer.  A picture taken in the dining hall, which David brought to surprise her, showed them cheek to cheek, smiling and full of hope.  In David’s words, “I look at that now and realize that was my last genuine smile.”  I must admit that I didn’t find this piece emotionally engaging, despite the subject matter.
I feel just the opposite way about “Saying Goodbye,” which was the result of an aural hallucination so real to David as he was bidding farewell to Tanya that he looked up, thinking that someone was playing music nearby.  This is a beautiful piece, full of emotion.
“Cold Rain” came to him similarly, while he was standing at her graveside in a damp and chilly March day, wishing she could be there with him to feel the rain, which is represented by a tremolo that also conveys his tension.
“In My Dreams, We Fly” was inspired by a vivid dream he had about Tanya that left him surprised, happy, and confused because he remembered seeing her in her coffin. She said “Yeah, but dying won’t stop me”. They flew around like birds, holding each other, and then he realized he was dreaming and started crying so loudly that he woke himself up. The mournful opening yields to an exuberant rumba.
The title, “Power of Attorney” refers to Tanya’s request that David act as her voice in conveying her love to their grandchildren.  Again, I hear the influence of Bach, despite the use of seconds; rather appropriately, I don’t hear a lot of grief, perhaps because the piece is based on a township jive rhythm.
My second favorite track is “Tatyana,” which was Tanya’s formal Russian name.  A celebration of who she was, it is in a major key. Since the CD was recorded in order, this piece came last. By this time, David was so comfortable in the studio with his producer, Phil Romeo, that he felt free to improvise, so that what started as a guitar tremolo piece became a piece for pipa (one of several other instruments David plays), played on the guitar.
The folk-tinged bonus track, “Tabernacle Tea,” was written years earlier and used by Fox Chase Cancer Center as background music for one of their training videos.  This is my least favorite track on the CD, which may be due to the fact that I’m generally not fond of folk music.
David told me that Tanya’s final days were full of laughter, music, and libations—a going home party, in a sense.  So even though there are moments that ache with emotion, most of David Cohen: Guitar will leave you more inspired to dance than to weep, which is the best way to celebrate the kind of love that transcends the annual mid-February dose of hearts and flowers.

Maria Thompson Corley is a Julliard-trained concert pianist and published novelist. She lives in Lancaster, PA. www.mariathompsoncorley.com