The Amazing Guitarist: Trevor Gordon Hall

“In the genre of intriguing guitar players Trevor really stands out. His music is both soothing and challenging”

Graham Nash

How do you react when you get a great review on guitar playing your from somebody like Graham Nash?  Philadelphia guitarist Trevor Gordon Hall was humbled and honored. While Philadelphia is his home and world is becoming his playground having played festivals in Europe and North America Trevor states that playing at Chris’s in Philadelphia in March of 2013 with legend Pat Martino was a dream come true for him.

Trevor’s most recent project led him to collaborate with various builders to redesign a kalimba to mount on the surface of a guitar. The interesting combination and Hall’s virtuosity can be heard on his debut release “Entelechy” on Candyrat Records. In true fashion and the purest form of African folk music the tines of the kalimba attached to his guitar resonate through the body of his guitar giving his compositions a shimmering effect.
Trevor has two shows coming up in the Philadelphia area before he heads north to Canada for a few shows. Catching Trevor live is a must for all guitar fans. That goal can be accomplished on Wednesday July 24th 2013 as part of the Sundown Music Series in the Park in Haddon Heights, NJ also Tuesday July 30th, at the Eagleview Town Square in Exton, PA.

Artist website:

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