Rocker Jo Wymer Philadelphia Debut

Jo Wymer

Tin Angel

Thursday February 23, 2012 

Rocker Jo Wymer at once bludgeons and seduces her audiences with her gritty and soulful songs in a voice described as “BETTER THAN BENATAR” by rock blogger John Allman from NINEBULLETS.  Wymer is a grownup.  She earned every one of the open, raw, and unrefined feelings in her songs – heartache, yearning, sex, lust, sin, romance, loss, and joy –and her voice promises her audiences will feel each and every one of them too.  The visceral experience of hearing and watching Wymer deliver these songs with her voice, her guitar, and her hard rocking band, in one of her sweat-soaked live performances, leaves her audiences more than satisfied, yet still yearning.  She wouldn’t have it any other way.


Wymer recently worked in the studio with Lakehouse Music on her debut album, which was released in 2011, and is frequently performing live in the NJ/NY/PA region with her powerhouse rock band.  She also performs rare solo acoustic shows, which provide a unique opportunity to see her perform her music in stripped down form.

Jo’s album comes from the scar tissue of adult perspective – sex, guilt, joy, failure, love, loss, lust, and their consequences and rewards – and the faith that keeps us moving forward in spite of it.

The music itself would find itself comfortably beside late 1960’s and 1970’s rock, r&b, and soul, and it embraces those influences.


Like many young artists, Wymer walked away from a career in music in her early 20’s after an unsatisfying string of musical disappointments from dropping out of Julliard after one semester – due to her own immaturity she says now – and performing as the front woman for a wedding band.  She essentially exited the music world for nearly two decades.  During that period of time she joined the Navy, and served in the Persian Gulf War in the early 90’s.  She got married to her first husband.  During that volatile relationship she gave birth to a son, who was afflicted with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. She worked for many years with a large software corporation.  Got a divorce, and was left raising her son as a single mother where she dedicated herself to ensuring his educational and personal well being. Then Wymer lost her father to heart disease, then her mother to cancer.  She fell in love with a widower with two troubled teenage children. She remarried and moved to Freehold, NJ.  Currently attends TCNJ (Teacher’s College of New Jersey) working toward her Master’s Degree in Special Education specializing in Mathematics.

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