David Shabtay’s elements & Philaphonix, July 5, 2012 Phila

By day Philaphonix guitarist David Shabtay manages the elements in his study of chemistry and physics in his senior year of study at Temple University. By night Shabtay takes on the elements of funk, blues, and rock in the band Philaphonix. In the amalgamation with Shabtay on guitar the compound also consists of Jon Cannon-bass, Julian Hartwell-keys, and Kevin Nathan on drums. The four elements bond together and metamorphous into a tight unit of funk and groove. Much like in rock metamorphism that is caused by heat and pressure, the metamorphism in Philaphonix is caused by the heat of melody and pressure from rhythm and funktitude that results from the chemical reaction of the four elements. This metamorphic stage of groove for Philaphonix is in absolute funklogic time having formed in 2011.

Shabtay remembers his first grade teacher bringing his guitar and teaching them through music. The music was bluegrass and the guitar made an impression on the first grader who fell in love with the guitar and knew that was what he wanted to do. At five his parents bought him his first guitar. “It was a Fender Strat” Shabtay reminisces. “It was my teacher Tommy Gun that got me interested in the blues” Shabtay continues. Gunn was heavily into Hendrix and the influences of Hendrix. It was listening to those influences: Freddie King, Muddy Waters and Shabtay’s biggest influence Buddy Guy that has driven his sound since he started with lessons. Hailing from Lancaster Shabtay made his name know through local jazz bands and winning competitions in 2011 and 2012 for his playing.

Philaphonix has taken their sound to The Raven Lounge, Dobbs and some of the area dives that seem the course for upcoming bands. Philaphonix brings Shabtay with his Gibson ES335, 15 watt tube amp along with the elements of Cannon, Hartwell and Nathan this Thursday July 5, 2012 to the North Star Bar 2639 Popular Street in Philadelphia.  No lab coat or goggles necessary.

Check them out on Face Book: Philaphonix

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