Month: September 2013

Lili Anel- To The Point

Originally published 9/11/10

Philadelphia has been home to  Lili Anel for the past six years. The guitarist in Anel reflects a deep understanding of how the instrument and the voice mix to create a moment in time for the listener. That moment is evident in her fifth CD, Every Second In Between. “This recording is from a very creative time for me” Lili reveals.  Lili was born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx but Philly is lucky to have her now. Lili has Seven CD’s to her credit.

Coming from a Cuban-Africian American background Anel listened to everything that came her way through both cultures. Her influences vary and admits that Joan Armatrading, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon and Richie Havens have had a huge influence on her playing. When compared to some of the people that have had an impact Anel takes it as a complement. On her  European release Life or Death CD Anel was given permission by the publisher to cover the Joan Armatrading song Down to Zero  having the fee’s waved for the use of the song because they loved her rendition.

Lili went right to the Point in Bryn Mawr when she started to gig in Philadelphia. She knew that Joni, Bruce, and even Joan Armatrding played there in their early days, back when it was The Main Point.  Sadly she was informed that were closing in a few weeks. She was able to play at one of their last open mics. Lili is a power and a name that easily can be placed next to the greats that she admires and has been influenced by.

Anel is currently a finalist in the Mountain Stage New Song contest with her song, Supposed To Be. “There is so much talent in the North East region of this country, just that I am in the top ten is an honor for me” states Lili. The winners of this contest will be announced in September with shows following in New York. Lili has gigs coming up at World Cafe Live, Kennett Flash and The Birchmere in Alexandria VA. To keep up with Lili Anel check out her website at